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Fat Freddy's Cat Omnibus

Gilbert Shelton
Gilbert Shelton

Fat Freddy's Cat began life as a footnote strip to the Freak Brothers and later appeared in many comics of his own. He is often to be found sleeping on the unfortunate Fat Freddy’s head.  His constant battles with the never ending army of roaches out for world domination drive him to distraction, as does Fat Freddy's never-ending failure to feed him or empty his kitty litter box.  As a result of this, his main hobbies seem to be shredding Fat Freddy’s water bed and any other items he can sink his claws into, and finding places to leave surprise poop packages for Freddy to discover.


This cat has variously gone travelling to Mexico, saved the world from alien invasion, and worked as a government agent in Washington trying to save the world from the “hee hee hee” drug.  He has 3 nephews  unknown origin. He tends to regard the Freak Brothers with a fair bit of contempt, but despite the odd separation he always seems to hook back up with his inept roomies.

Born in 1940 Gilbert Shelton’s unlikely first venture into the world of comic art was doing strips for Boy Scout publications when he was at school.  In 1968 he created the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and soon after he set up Rip Off Press from where Freak Brothers strips were soon syndicated, borrowed (or stolen) by a host of Underground newspapers and magazines. The first comic was published in 1971. Fat Freddy’s Cat, the feline world’s number one cat, started out as a footnote strip to the Freak Brothers but has led an independent and very successful life since 1975. In 1993 Shelton introduced new characters, Not Quite Dead, the world’s least successful rock band who have since appeared in a series of comics of their own.


Knockabout, paperback, 368 pages, published August 2009






Fat Freddy's Cat

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