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Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Hardcover

Mark Waid
Mike Wieringo

A team -- and a family -- of adventurers, explorers and imaginauts, the Fantastic Four live lives both ordinaryàand extraordinary. Now, Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Benjamin Grimm and Johnny Storm blast into this fully loaded, oversized hardcover -- featuring an entire year's worth of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine and more than 30 pages of ever-lovin' extras!

Finally, learn the truth behind Mister Fantastic's decision to cast his friends as the greatest squad of superhuman adventurers ever assembled; see the Fantastic Four face off against a sentient mathematical equation driven mad by love, an infestation of insects from another dimension, a cascading wave of molecular instability and a teammate on a homicidal rampage; and bear witness to history in the making as Doctor Doom does the unthinkable. Collects Fantastic Four #60-70 and #500-502.

Marvel, hardback, 416 pages, published June 2004


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