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The Fallen Volume 1 - the Pale Door

David Aaron
Miran Kim

 Underground phenomenon Clark ("True Blood") matches with the superlative X-Files cover artist Kim in a spark-producing creative encounter that will twist your mind! The scene: New York's Goth fringe on the Lower East Side and East Village.

John Savory, tattoo artist, witnesses a growing group of vampiric feeders taking advantage of the scene. Rena Mojica, an artist, is savagely raped by a gang lead by a feeder but then seems miraculously rescued. Savory appears in her delirium as she recovers. Dominatrices Letha and Juliette compete for power.

Feeder master Bob Gossamer drinks each night's collected horror from his human serial killer slave. The underbelly of New York has become a breeding ground for the most frightfully abject. Savory's tattooed cross is glowing... Gorgeous nightmarish art in a steaming brew concocted by ones who have lived the scene!

"An intoxicating mix of words and pictures." Skin Two.

"Urban Goth born in the gutter and reared in the dungeon, The Fallen is an unholy marriage of Miran ("X-Files") Kim's visionary perversity and the deviant genius of David Aaron ("True Blood") Clark. Evil has never been sexier." Carlo McCormick, Senior Editor, Paper magazine.

"Kim's lush artwork and Clark's darkly lyrical words mesh to create an eerie, gorgeous work." Poppy Z. Brite, author of Lost Souls.

NBM, paperback, 48 pages, published January 1999



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