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Eternal Descent Volume 1

Llexi Leon
Jason Metcalf

In a city where lost souls lurk in every shadow and darkness veils sinister designs, heavy metal could be the key to salvation... or the gateway to destruction. A fallen hero, a twisted demon, one gorgeous succubus, and an army of chart-topping guitar heroes: the pieces are in place. The Descent begins...


Featuring guest appearances from Atreyu, Firewind, God Forbid, Static-X, and Shadows Fall, Eternal Descent offers a radical new take on the metal genre, presenting iconic guitarists: Gus G, Wayne Static, Dan Jacobs, and many more as you've never seen them before!


This collected edition features over 30 pages of bonus material, including interviews, cover galleries, production artwork and exclusive fact files. Written by Llexi Leon, with art by Jason Metcalf, Gabriel Guzman, features a cover by Java.


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