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Essential Spider-Man Volume 8 (New Edition)


Spider-Man is as amazing as ever against adversarial alumni like the Lizard and the Kingpin, as well as up-and-coming enemies such as Stegron and Jigsaw — with the lesser-known larcenies of the Big Wheel and the Spider-Squad to fill his spare time! Featuring the first appearances of Rocket Racer and Will O’ the Wisp! Forgotten chapters from the Green Goblin legacy and the Clone Saga! Spider-Man’s origin and Peter Parker’s college graduation! And J. Jonah Jameson at his best and worst!

Guest-starring the Punisher, Nova the Human Rocket, the Human Torch and the X-Men! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) issues #161 to 185 and Annual #11, Giant-Size Spider-Man #6, and Nova (1976) #12; written by Len Wein, Bill Mantlo, Marv Wolfman, Archie Goodwin and Stan Lee; pencilled by Ross Andru (who also provides the cover art), Mike Esposito, Dave Hunt, Frank Giacoia, Jim Mooney, Tony Dezuniga, Sal Buscema, Don Perlin and Larry Lieber.

Marvel, paperback, 512 pages, published November 2011

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