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Essential Punisher Volume 3

He's a boxer, he's a ninja, he's a corporate whistle-blower, he's a biker, he's an armoured warrior... he's the Punisher, and he's taking his anti-crime obsession across four continents and beyond! He wants nothing to do with the superhuman shenanigans of the rest of the Marvel Universe but is nonetheless thrown against Doctor Doom, AIM, the Reavers, Jigsaw, Madam Hydra, and more! And introducing the sinister Saracen, one of the rare wrongdoers to fight the Punisher and live long enough to do it again!

Plus combat tips, tech specs, and solo adventures of the Punisher's sidekick Microchip! Guest-starring Moon Knight! Collecting Punisher issues #21 to 40, Annual #2-3 and Punisher Annual #2 to 3, written by Mike Baron, Roger Salick, Eliot R. Brown and Gregory Wright, with art by Erik Larsen, Russ Heath, Bill Reinhold, Mark Texeira, Jack Slamn, Tod Smith, Jim Lee, Eliot R. Brown and Lee Sullivan; features a cover by William Reinhold.

Marvel, paperback, 584 pages, published January 2009


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