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Empowered Volume 3

As if life as an often-struggling superheroine weren't already hard enough, now costumed crimefighter "Empowered" discovers that another female superhero is ripping off her distress-prone persona - and cashing in, big-time! Even worse, her relationship with live-in boyfriend (and semi-reformed Witless Minion) Thugboy has run afoul of an extremely literal set of "power issues" !

Worse yet, a singularly bloodthirsty and ruthless ninja clan is gunning - no, make that shuriken-ing - for Emp's best friend and karaoke partner, Ninjette! Can our unlucky but still plucky heroine prevail over all these obstacles as well as the further threats posed by foreign fan-fiction outrages, her own supersuit's attempts to manipulate her self-esteem, and the revelation of her real name? Brilliant stuff – sassy, funny, sexy fun playing with superhero clichés.

Dark Horse, paperback, 208 pages, published March 2008


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