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Emperor trade paperback

A woman gives birth to her child in a village in Northern England, the cold northern edge of the Roman Empire. As she struggles through a painful labour she begins to scream out a series of words in Latin. A language she has never heard before, much less spoken. One of the family recognises the words for what they are.

Only later does it become clear that the woman has spoken a prophecy. A prophecy that relates to the death of the Emperor Constantine/ A prophecy that if enacted will change the fate of the Roman Empire and all of the future beyond it.

Stephen Baxter's new series - Time’s Tapestry - takes ordinary individuals living at history's tipping points - the decline of Rome, 1066 and the discovery of America - and presents them with a prophecy that challenges everything they believe about their world and prompts them to take action that could change it forever.

The fourth volume reveals the nature of the prophecies and reveals a battle that has been fought through the ages. Stephen is one of the finest SF writers around – one of those writers I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to folks. I can’t wait to see what he has done with the alternative history genre; this has the potential to be as good as Kim Stanley Robinson’s Years of Rice and Salt or Ward Moore’s Bring the Jubilee.


Gollancz, trade paperback, 608 pages, published July 2006


Author: Stephen Baxter



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