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Eerie Archives Volume 4 Hardcover


Join Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, John Severin, Gene Colan, Angelo Torres, and other legendary artists for an eerie excursion through the haunted halls of comics history, as Dark Horse Comics unleashes the fourth big volume of Eerie magazine archives. Vampires, ghouls, werewolves, and ax-wielding maniacs are only the beginning of the thrills you'll find inside this huge collection crafted by the most gifted storytellers the medium of comics has ever known. You'll get 260 pages of luridly luscious artwork collected into a magazine-sized, dust-jacketed hardcover.

Dark Horse, hardback, 260 pages, published April 2010

Also in this series: Eerie Archives Volume  1 Hardcover, Eerie Archives Volume  2 Hardcover, Eerie Archives Volume  3 Hardcover


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