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Edge of Venomverse

Roland Boschi
Before Venomverse, there is Edge of Venomverse! It’s a symbiotic smorgasbord of stories, each featuring a major character becoming Venomized — all destined to feed into the main event itself! When the young mutant clone designated X-23 bonds with an alien parasite, can she hold it together — or is she doomed to give in to bloodlust? 
It’s a nightmare in pink when Gwenpool turns into a sword-slinging, web-swinging master of disaster! Robbie Reyes becomes the symbiotic spirit of vengeance, the Host Rider! Years in the future, meet the lethal Wolvenom in a terrifying tale set after the epic events of the original Old Man Logan! And when Deadpool bonds with Venom, just call him the Symbiote with the Slobber! 
Plus: War stories featuring Venomized versions of Punisher, Rocket Raccoon and more! Collecting Edge Of Venomverse issues #1 to 5 and Venomverse: War Stories #1. Written by Matthew Rosenberg & Various, with art by Roland Boschi & Various, and cover artwork by Francesco Mattina.
Marvel, paperback, 144 pages, published November 2017 







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