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EC Archives : Shock SuspenStories Volume 1


EC comics have earned a (rightful) place in the hearts of comics and SF fans the world over. Sometimes tacky and clichéd (but that was part of their charm) and sometimes incredibly unusual and daring (especially for the time), they were never anything less than brilliant. Parent’s groups, teachers, religious figures, and politicians – they all hated and decried EC for corrupting youth and wanted them banned and burned; they hated them more than a Bible Belt preacher hates Harry Potter books today. Of course, when so many authoritative grown-ups told you they were bad, that meant you knew they were really good! It’s a pleasure to see these titles coming back into print – I have fond childhood memories of reading reprints of Weird Science, Astounding Tales and their SF and horror-themed ilk.


Gemstone promise to use the original art but cleaned up, restored and to improve the finish and colour to give the best possible clarity for readers; basically these EC Archives edition will be produced to the same high standard as DC’s excellent Archive Editions or Marvel’s Masterworks, making them a real treasure for collectors. Superfan Steven Spielberg will supply an introduction to this second EC Archive volume. This will collect the first six issues (some 24 stories) from 1952.


“The EC Comics line was a classic in its day, “said Publisher Russ Cochran. “It is still popular with collectors and has been an influence on everyone from comic creators to filmmakers in Hollywood.”


Gemstone, hardback, 212 pages, published November 2006


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