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Dungeon Quest Volume 1

Joe Daly
Joe Daly

One day Millenium [sic] Boy decided to grab his hobo stick, his bandana, and his Swiss Army knife, bid his mom goodbye, and head off on a quest for adventure. Joined by his best friend Steve (weapon: baseball bat; clothing: wife beater, cargo pants and sandals), they soon find themselves in a violent altercation with two other adventure seekers.


It ends badly for their antagonists (“Whoa, check it out, dude! You actually knocked this dude’s brain right out of his cranium!”) and Millenium Boy and Steve become the proud owners of fancy weapons upgrades (a crowbar and a steel chain). Please enjoy this suburban role-playing game yarn from the creator of The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book. And stay tuned for Dungeon Quest Book Two in six months!


Fantagraphics, paperback, 136 pages, published April 2010


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