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 A collection of Michele Petrucci's first two critically acclaimed works; Keires, in ancient Greek, means "hands" - the essence of creation. As a killer murders and mutilates his victims without any apparent logic, a misogynist detective, a university teacher searching for perfection, a sculptor trying to forget his awful past and a group of students get involved in a thrilling tale of blood and suspicion. Everything revolves around a mysterious death that will lead the characters to a bitter end, where innocence and guilt mix together and truth proves herself to be just the last work created by the hands of man.

With Silver Salts, Petrucci takes the concept of truth one step further; it all begins when Bob Keller, photographer of the Los Angeles Herald, gets a call to cover a simple murder story. A breaking and entering crime with an added murder - nothing special, really. But Bob is used to looking at details through the lens of his camera, and knows the truth not as it seems. Things hidden inside his mind will slowly be revealed like a latent image developed with the help of the silver salts.

Michele Petrucci, member of the acclaimed Italian comics lab Innocent Victim, has made his personal storytelling techniques appreciated in both Italy and France, where the stories of Due were recently released. Petrucci is a fresh, upcoming talent who has already made an impact on European critics and readers alike. If you enjoy this why not try 5 is a Perfect Number or the works of Bilal?

Slave Labor Graphics, Digest-size paperback, 160 pages, published June 2005


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