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Drawing Down the Moon : the Art of Charles Vess Hardcover

Charles Vess
Charles Vess

Verdant fairy forests. Whispering mountains. The fallen towers of ancient kings. Spirit-filled lakes. The distant strains of elven bards. For over thirty years, the fantasy art of Charles Vess has been acclaimed worldwide, his rich palette, striking compositions, and lavish detail second to none in the field.

Vess has been the illustrator of choice for countless publishers and writers, including Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clark, and George R. R. Martin. Embodying the timeless approach of the golden age of illustration, Vess's work is both breathtakingly singular and yet recalls an era when paint and brush were the vessels that carried readers of all ages to distant lands, bygone ages, and realms of the imagination. Features a forward by Susanna Clarke, best-selling author of the brilliant Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

Dark Horse, hardback, 200 pages, published December 2009


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