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Mark Powers
Rebekah Isaaks

A celestial race appears out of nowhere, drafting humanity into a galactic war. In an instant, the world is changed forever. Forcibly removed from their old lives and placed into battalions in which ethnicity, status, and gender have no meaning -- and facing the common threat of extinction -- the human race must unite as never before.


Gabriel Contreras, a convenience store clerk, is placed in a unit that includes the former President of the United States. As he and his fellow soldiers struggle with their own emotional demons, they are thrust to the forefront of Earth's defense against a terrifying enemy: the World-Eaters -- a species of colossal, predatory worms who exist only to consume and destroy.


After pursuing man's benefactors across space, they have come to Earth in massive numbers. And they hunger... Written by Mark Powers, with art and a cover by Rebekah Isaaks.


IDW, paperback, 296 pages, published March 2011


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