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Doom Patrol Volume 1 : Brick by Brick

Gerard Way
Nick Derington
A blenderized re-imagining of the ultimate series of the strange, Doom Patrol combines elements from classic runs, new directions and things that could not be. Our entry point is Casey Brinke, a young E.M.T. on the graveyard shift to abstract enlightenment, with a past so odd that she’s not entirely sure what is real and what is not. Along with her partner, Sam Reynolds, the pair blaze a path through the city and its denizens, finding the only quiet that exists at 3 a.m. is the chaos of the brain. 
When the pair answer a hit-and-run call, they find themselves face to face with a familiar figure: Cliff Steele, a.k.a. Robotman. This first Doom Patrol trade paperback collects issues #1-6, written by Gerard Way, with art by Nick Derington and cover artwork by Nick Derington and Gerard Way. You can read a review of the first issue on our blog.
DC/Young Animal, paperback, 176 pages, published May 2017 



DC/Young Animal


Doom Patrol


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