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Doctor Who War Doctor 1/6 Scale Ltd Collection Figure

At the height of the Last Great Time War, The War Doctor was born on the planet Karn. This incarnation was the Doctor's darkest secret. A battle-hardened warrior, rather than a healer. A man who saw so much death and destruction in the Time War, that finally, at the fall of Arcadia, he proclaimed "No more". He planned to kill all Time Lords and the Daleks, in the name of peace and of sanity. Persuaded otherwise by his Tenth and Eleventh selves, he helped all the Doctor's incarnations freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe, and end the War.

BIG Chief Studios are proud to announce an all-new 1:6 Scale Collector Figure in celebration of The War Doctor. Officially licensed by BBC Worldwide and produced in a limited worldwide edition, each figure features a fully realised likeness of Sir John Hurt as the warrior Time Lord from the Day of the Doctor and comes packed with numerous accessories including his Sonic screwdriver, Gallifreyan laser rifle, The Moment cube plus a light-up display base.




Big Chief Studios


Doctor Who

Deluxe Figure

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