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Doctor Who Storybook 2010 Hardcover

The Time Lord faces up to a shapeless horror in a Victorian orphanage, meets sentient doors from another dimension, re-encounters the gaseous Gelth on a reality TV show, journeys to the Australian outback to investigate mysterious objects falling from the sky, travels to the end of the rainbow – quite literally! – and battles Vikings. A lot of Vikings...

Containing eight action-packed stories:

• Total Eclipse of The Heart by Oli Smith

• The End of the Rainbow by Jacqueline Rayner

• Scared Stiff by Mark Gatiss

• Space Vikings! by Jonathan Morris

• Bennelong Point by Keith Temple

• The Shape on the Chair by Matt Jones

• Knock Knock! by Paul Magrs

• The Haldenmor Fugue by James Moran

Plus a final Letter from the Doctor – as told to Russell T Davies!

Featuring the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant in the smash-hit BBC One drama series!


Panini, hardback, 80 pages, published August 2009


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