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Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Omnibus Volume 2 Hardcover

Doctor Strange is thrust into the Infinity War! The Doc allies with Galactus, assembles a group of mages to save the Earth and reunites the original Defenders. And when Strange defies the all-powerful Vishanti and is stripped of his power, he must revive his old non-team once again — with a twist! 
Who will join the ranks of Strange’s Secret Defenders? He’ll battle Nightmare, partner with Morbius, and lose and gain a disciple — but Dormammu is the one to really dread! Plus: Wolverine attacks, and Strange and Spidey share a dust-up in the Death Dimension! 
Collecting Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #41-59 and Annual #2-3; Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: The Way to Dusty Death; Silver Surfer (1987) #67; Morbius: the Living Vampire (1992) #9; Secret Defenders #1-11; and material from Incredible Hulk Annual #18, Namor The Sub-Mariner Annual #2 and Silver Surfer Annual #5. Written by Roy Thomas, Jean-Marc Lofficier, Len Kaminski, Geof Isherwood, Gerry Conway, Ron Marz, Gregory Wright, Peter David & more, pencilled by Geof Isherwood, Frank Lopez, M.C. Wyman, Michael Bair, Kevin West, Ron Wagner, Andre Coates, Tom Grindberg, Kevin Maguire, James Fry, Tom Morgan & more, and cover artwork by Geof Isherwood.
Marvel, hardback, 1056 pages, published July 2018 






Doctor Strange


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