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Deicide Volume 1 : Rage Against the Gods Hardcover

Carlos Portela
Das Pastoras

Based in the same universe as "The Lion's Share" (appearing in Metal Hurlant #1), Deicide  is a bold new graphic album from Humanoids Publishing. Set in a world where gods walk the lands and tribal villagers pay bloody sacrifices to a seemingly never-ending pantheon of both good and evil deities, Deicide  tells the story of what happens when one man stops worshiping the gods and starts killing them. Angered by the unnecessary sacrifice of his love, Aldara, to the hideous Grand Madorak, Agon sets out on a journey to reclaim her soul. Along the way Agon is aided by Beluch, a man with the head of a lion, as the two kill local gods and other monsters as they travel in search of Aldara's soul. A unique and raucous mix of action and art from two of Spain's premiere graphic novelists.


Humanoids, hardback, 48 pages, published December 2002


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