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Defenders: Indefensible Premiere Hardcover

Keith Giffen
J M DeMatteis

Wong possessed by Nightmare! Dormammu and Umar in unholy alliance! The Hulk and the Sub-Mariner at each other's throats! The Silver Surfer...uh...surfing. Can Doctor Strange reunite the Defenders and save "Reality As We Know It?" Only the Ancient One knows for sure!


Bonding and family atmosphere are usually the norm for superhero teams – even when they bicker or argue they normally make up by the end. The Defenders really isn’t like that here, with a disparate group of heroes, many of whom don’t get on and have no problem about showing that:

"The Defenders are the group that if they seem like they don't like one another, they don't! The Defenders hate one another. They've been thrown together and despise it. There's no love lost between these guys." Keith Giffen, writer.



Collects Defenders issues #1 – 5 (of the new mini-series from 2005); written by Keith Giffen and J M DeMatteis, with artwork from Kevin Maguire, the super-star team who brought us the cracking Formerly Known as the Justice League mini-series.


Marvel, hardback, 120 pages, published May 2006 


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