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Death: At Death's Door

Jill Thompson
Jill Thompson

A Manga digest, printed in black, white, and gray tones, featuring appearances by Sandman and all his siblings. In an original story that parallels the events of Sandman: Season of Mist, the minions of Hell end up in Death's apartment.

Sisters Delirium and Despair decide to throw a party for the returning dead - which quickly gets out of control. It's up to Dream's older sister Death to figure out how to save the day and the afterlife... not to mention the carpet.  This fills in some of the events surrounding the Sandman Season of Mists story arc with wit, charm and humour - it's also great fun (well where else will you see a deceased Edgar Alan Poe hitting on Despair?!?!)! If you like this you should try Jill's new Manga based around the two schoolboys from Season of Mists, Dead Boy Detectives.

DC, paperback digest, 208 pages


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