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Deadpool Volume 8 : Operation Annihilation

Daniel Way
Bong Dazo

Deadpool travels home to Earth, but Macho Gomez is waiting for him, and he’s brought some of Deadpool’s old “friends” — including Hydra Bob, Big Bertha, Taskmaster and Blind Al. They all have one thing in common: Wade screwed them, and they want his hide! Then, Wade gets what he’s always wanted: a chance to die! With his ridonkulous healing factor, Wade can’t be killed by any ordinary Joe — so he finds the biggest, strongest, greenest and angriest guy in the Marvel Universe: the Incredible Hulk! It’s a last-man-standing battle between the Green Goliath and the Merc with a Mouth — a battle Wade’s trying to lose. The question is, can he?

Plus: In a bonus tale of Deadpool past, Wade must procure a vial of the Hulk’s gamma-irradiated blood! Collecting Deadpool (2008) issues #36 to 39 and also Deadpool (1997) issue #4, written by Daniel Way and Joe Kelly, pencilled by Sheldon Vella, Bong Dazo and Ed McGuinness, featuring cover artwork from Dave Johnson.

Marvel, paperback, 112 pages, published March 2012


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