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Deadpool Classic Volume 8

Frank Tieri
Georges Jeanty

The new Weapon X Program has come knocking, and they won’t take no for an answer! But Deadpool’s okay with becoming a secret agent, even alongside this cutthroat band of villains and lunatics, because they’ve offered him the one thing he wants most in the world: a cure for his ravaged face! How far will Deadpool let the deranged Weapon X Program go to hold on to his good looks? And what happens when they start crossing lines even the Merc With a Mouth isn’t comfortable crossing? The funeral of Deadpool, that’s what!

Plus: It’s Deadpool times four as our hero returns again — and again and again! When T-Ray arrives for a final showdown, how many Deadpools does it take to light up a screwball? Well, how many ya’ got? Collecting Deadpool (1997) issues #57 to 64, written by Roger Stern, Frank Tieri and Buddy Scalera, pencilled by Georges Jeanty and Jim Calafiore, with cover artwork by Georges Jeanty.

Marvel, paperback, 200 pages, published March 2013


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