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Deadpool by Daniel Way Omnibus Volume 1 Hardcover

Daniel Way
Steve Dillon
Deadpool is Way cool! By which we mean, Daniel Way cool! One of Wade Wilson’s wildest writers begins his riotous run in this volume packed with Merc madness. And he dives straight in at the deep end with a brutal throwdown against Wolverine! Then, the Skrulls have invaded Earth — but nobody warned them about Deadpool! So why does that mean Wade’s going to war with Norman Osborn and his new team of bloodthirsty, black-ops Thunderbolts? 
Next, Deadpool wants to be an X-Man — and he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way. Not even the X-Men. And while he’s being sociable, why not a good old-fashioned team-up with Spider-Man? All this plus Hit-Monkey — the hitman who is a monkey! 
Collecting Wolverine: Origins issues #21 to 25, Deadpool (2008) #1 through 26, Thunderbolts (1997) #130 and131, Hit-Monkey (2010a) #1, Hit-Monkey (2010B) #1 to 3 and Deadpool Saga. Written by Daniel Way & Various, with art by Steve Dillon & Various, and cover artwork by Jason Pearson.
Marvel, hardback, 896 pages, published February 2018







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