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Ed Brubaker
Warren Pleece

In this stylish science fiction epic from award-winning writer Ed Brubaker, a drug-dealing car thief must discover the secret behind his visions to save the world. Twenty years after the devastating Cataclysm, society has been separated into sectors in which the rich are able to enjoy machine-generated weather and sunlight while the poor are forced to live an eternally dank and dark existence.

Banished to the dismal Sector 5, the angst-ridden Beezer discovers that the corrupt city police are hunting him because of his experiential visions of a pre-apocalyptic world. Now Earth’s reluctant savior must learn his true origin and the meaning of his visions before he is captured and killed.

For the first time, Vertigo collects the entire sixteen-issue run of Deadenders, along with a tale from Winter’s Edge #3. Written by Ed Brubaker, with art by Warren Pleece, Richard Case, Jay Stephens and Cameron Stewart, featuring cover artwork by Philip Bond.

DC, paperback, 392 pages, published May 2012


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