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Dead Boy Detectives Digest

Jill Thompson
Jill Thompson

Neil Gaiman's inimitable schoolboys-turned-sleuths from The Sandman: Season of Mists star in their own Manga Digest. Dead Boy Detectives, guest-starring Death of the Endless, is brought to life by award-winning artist Jill Thompson (the Sandman: Brief Lives, Scary Godmother).

Based on the overwhelming success of her delightful first Manga Digest, Death: at Death's Door, Thompson has crafted an amazing original mystery that will appeal to both Sandman fans and shojou Manga enthusiasts.

Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine, the dead British teenagers who are always on the run from Death, travel stateside to solve a missing persons case. Our intrepid heroes have been contacted by young Annika Abernathy, a student at a posh International Academy in Chicago. It seems that Annika's best friend has vanished. For Rowland and Paine to investigate the case properly, they decide to enrol as students at the school.

And since it's an all-girls academy, the duo is forced to go undercover - in drag. Secret passages, food fights, and far too many fashionistas abound as the Dead Boy Detectives solve the case and learn a lot about life from the precocious daughters of international ambassadors and famous rock stars.

As a bonus, this digest also features a free 8-page excerpt from Death: at Death's Door. It's fun and it answers a question many Sandman fans have posed - what did happen to Charles and Edwin after Season of Mists? Hugely enjoyable, I loved it.

DC, paperback, 144 pages, published July 2005


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