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The Darkness

Rachel Cattle
Rachel Cattle

If you don't want bad things to happen or hairy monsters to come and get you, the one place you don't go, especially after dark, is into the woods. Hansel and Gretal, Dorothy and Toto, Heather, Josh and Mike from Blair Witch and the inhabitants of M Night Shulman's The Village all found out the hard way. It's these and other images from fairy tales, films and folklore that inhabit childhood nightmares. Rachel Cattle brings these fears out of the imagination and into the pages of The Darkness, an oversize comic with a mysterious and haunting narrative.

"Bears and other hairy monsters, sharp of tooth and claw, growling their wordless balloons, lurk in the wild woods at night. Like some ominous aftermath, no human is around, only severed tree trunks and a burning cabin in this enigmatic, 100-copy tabloid drawn by Rachel Cattle in pulsing charcoal." Paul Gravett.

Kingly Books, paperback, published June 2005 


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