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Daredevil Noir : Liar's Poker Premiere Hardcover

Aaron Alexovich

For P.I. Foggy Nelson and his loyal assistant Matt Murdock, it all starts when a desperate woman comes to their office with an irresistible story about her and Halloran. To Foggy, she's a client -- to Murdock, she's enough to make Halloran Daredevil's next target. But Murdock is about to find out that half-truths are poison truths, and that the Kitchen is full of history that will put him on a collision course with both the old Kingpin and the man who wants to replace him.

Collecting Daredevil Noir issues #1 to 4, written by Alexander Irvine (author of the fine Vertigo Encyclopedia – check out an interview with him on our blog here), pencilled by Tomm Coker and with cover artwork by Dennis Calero.

Marvel, hardback, 112 pages, published November 2009


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