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Daredevil by Mark Waid Volume 4

Mark Waid
Mike Allred

Someone is meddling with Matt Murdock’s mind! Daredevil undergoes urgent brain surgery when fellow Avenger Hank Pym enters his head to destroy sensory-deprivation robots implanted by Dr. Doom. The two men gain a new understanding of each other’s struggles when the bots battle back, forcing Pym to fight blind! Then, Daredevil’s recovery hits a snag when he starts to question reality. His best friend, Foggy Nelson — believing Matt is losing his mind and presents a danger to himself and others — dissolves their law partnership and friendship.

Ghosts from Daredevil’s past return to haunt him in a mind-bending adventure that leaves him second-guessing his sanity as he faces off against dangerous new villain the Coyote! Collecting Daredevil (2011) issues #16 to 21, written by Mark Waid, pencilled by Chris Samnee and Mike Allred, featuring cover artwork by Paolo Rivera.

Marvel, paperback, 136 pages, published August 2013


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