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Dance in the Vampire Bund Volume 5

Nozomu Tamaki
Nozomu Tamaki

When Mina Tepes first welcomed the vampires of the world to join her burgeoning island nation, she knew she would experience friction from all quarters. With the wounds still fresh from the encounter with the crazed terrorist Hysterica and her minions, the last thing Mina expected was a surprise visit from the three lords of the other vampire clans. To make matters worse, it is not war that they seek, but her hand in marriage!

The lords have dispatched their best assassins in a deadly game of courtship. The rules are simple: whoever is able to kill off Mina’s loyal lycanthrope companion Akira may claim Mina as their vampire bride! Now, the game is afoot and Akira is on the run. As Mina prays for his success, she must also watch her back for betrayal.


Seven Seas, paperback, 208 pages, published November 2009


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