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Daken/X-23 : Collision Premiere Hardcover

Marjorie Liu

Daken is out to prove to the world he’s the best there is at what he does, one country at a time — and he’s starting with Madripoor! But will the most dangerous men and women in the world simply topple where they stand, or will Daken find the tables turned — and his neck in a noose?

Then, it’s the crossover you’ve been waiting for, as Daken and X-23 join forces to hunt down Malcolm Colcord, the man responsible for countless reincarnations of the Weapon X Project — including one right here in Madripoor! But what is Daken’s motivation? Does he want to stop Colcord from finally re-creating Wolverine, Daken’s father, or does he simply want a piece of the action?

Collecting Daken: Dark Wolverine #5-9, X-23 (2010) #7-9 and material from Wolverine: Road To Hell, written by Marjorie Liu & Daniel Way, pencilled by Sana Takeda, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marco Chechetto & Ryan Stegman, with a cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Marvel, hardback, 200 pages, published July 2011


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