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Curious Cases Of Sherlock Holmes

Gary Reed

Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, stars in four of his strangest cases in this graphic novel. In "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes", Sherlock must help a friend immersed in a split personality spinning towards madness. In "The Adventure of the Opera Ghost", Holmes travels to France to uncover the murderous "Phantom", terrorizing the Opera House. In "Murder at Moulin Rouge", Holmes and Watson return to France to unravel death at the famed club and gain assistance from notables such as Oscar Wilde and Toulouse Lautrec.


In the fourth full-length mystery, a budding reporter attempts to uncover the disappearance of Holmes in his retirement years, only to find that Holmes has a new passion and it deals with corpses. As a bonus, "The Amazing Holmes" short tale is included as Holmes is put to the test to see if he can solve a challenging maze. Written by Gary Reed and Steven Philip Jones, with art by Aldin Baroza, Seppo Makinen, Wayne Reid, and Michael Zigerlig, cover artwork by Wayne Reid.


IDW, paperback, 172 pages, published December 2011


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