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Cult Fiction: Art & Comics

Paul Gravett
Jacob Covey

This title explores the relationship between comic and cartoon imagery and contemporary art. The combination of word and image, and its resultant layering of language and culture, has long attracted fine artists. Characterised by their directness and accessibility, the comic book, cartoon strip and one-frame gag are recurring motifs in 20th century art, providing a platform for societal and political critiques and an opportunity to address issues of race, gender and violence. The "Cult Fiction" travelling art exhibition (originally shown at the Hayward on the South Bank – see the FPI blog for more details) presents the work of artists who produce comics and cartoons as part of their practice and those who employ the language of the comic in their work, borrowing from stylistic sources across high and low culture. These works will be illustrated alongside original prints by cartoonists.


Designed by Jacob Covey, the Art Director of Fantagraphics, "Cult Fiction's" bold layout mirrors the colourful content of the artworks included in its pages. An essay by Paul Gravett, a writer and curator who has worked in comics publishing and promotion for over twenty years, illuminates the long-standing love affair between fine art and comics with an emphasis on today's practitioners in Britain and the US. Specially commissioned self-portraits and question and answers filled out by hand by each contributing artist make this a one-of-a-kind publication.


It includes the following artists: Laylah Ali, Glen Baxter, Stephane Blanquet, Daniel Clowes, Liz Craft, R. Crumb, Adam Dant, Julie Doucet, Debbie Dreschler, Marcel Dzama, Melinda Gebbie in collaboration with Alan Moore, Mark Kalesniko, Kerstin Kartscher, Killoffer, Chad McCail, Paul McDevitt, Kerry James Marshall, Travis Millard, Kim L. Pace, Raymond Pettibon, Olivia Plender, Jon Pylypchuk, James Pyman, Joe Sacco, David Shrigley, Posy Simmonds, Richard Slee and Carol Swain.

Hayward Gallery Publishing, paperback, 96 pages, published August 2007


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