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Crossroad Volume 1

Shioko Mizuki
Shioko Mizuki
Kajitsu has never known a proper family. Her dad and her mom change husbands like most people change socks. Her long-lost stepbrothers, Taro and Natsu, are also refugees from negligent parents. Abandoned by everyone but each other, the three teens make one last attempt at building a family.

It's hard enough getting along in a home with rampant hormones and no adults, but when an unexpected bundle of joy is dropped in their laps, they have to learn to be parents, too! With equal parts comedy, drama, and budding romance, Crossroad is a rich experience of youthful emotions and fragile hearts struggling against an often cold, unfeeling adult world.

Go! Comi, paperback, 192 pages, published October 2005


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