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Crossed : Wish You Were Here Volume 2 Hardcover

Simon Spurrier
Shiwo Komeyama

Available in print for the first time! The second chapter of the brutal, apocalyptic horror series is finally here!  Written by Si Spurrier (X-Men Legacy, Silver Surfer, Extermination), this critically acclaimed volume collects the latest arc of the weekly webcomic, ongoing at 

Unable to bear life on the doomed island-sanctuary he calls home, manipulative writer Shaky has tricked his way into an expedition crew: hunting supplies among the vile, violent hordes of Crossed on mainland Scotland. But will he find what he seeks amidst the blood-stained snow - a way to stave-off numbness; a reason to go on - or will the tough decisions of leadership and the terrors of a Crossed world rob him of what little humanity he has left? And if he survives, what will he and his companions find when they struggle home to the killing-shores of Cava Island? 

These are the continuing excerpts from Shaky's bleak diary: the story of a community clinging to a false future in a world overrun by infectious, sadistic fiends. There is no hope. There's only the Crossed. Written by Simon Spurrier, with art by Fernando Melek and cover artwork from Jacen Burrows.

Avatar, hardback, 160 pages, published May 2013


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