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Coyote Volume 5

Steve Englehart
Chaz Truog

As the original Coyote saga wraps up, Scorpio Rose and the Djinn join the main story, and so does the Badger, and so does Ronald Reagan - and so does everyone from the Venusians to the hooker to Halfdome as Englehart stages one of his patented "everybody into the pool: finales and liberates Russia. But underneath all that, there are actually two love stories, as Coyote charms both women who wanted to kill him into willing members of a threesome.


Plus: the final two chapters of Scorpio Rose by Todd McFarlane, finishing off his first-ever series and turning into “Todd McFarlane” right before your eyes! Written by Steve Englehart, with artwork from Chaz Truog (who also provides the cover art), Todd McFarlane, Frank Springer and Art Nichols; collects Coyote #13 – 16.


Image, paperback, 128 pages, published April 2007


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