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Conan Volume 9 : Free Companions Hardcover

Timothy Truman
Joe Kubert

Legendary artist Joe Kubert's very first sequential Conan work and illustrations by Cary Nord, Justin Sweet, and Joseph Michael Linsner highlight this latest collection of stories from Dark Horse's ongoing Conan the Cimmerian comic -- book series. In his short career as a mercenary, young Conan has impressed both Princess Yasmela and military leader Lord Amalric, but an ambitious rogue prince arrives in Khoraja and blindsides Conan out of the comfortable, courtly situation he's found himself in.


Not only is Conan's love affair with Yasmela going south, but rebel Prince Julion immediately challenges Conan's headstrong impulses and military plans, causing a rift between the battered-but-proud forces of Khoraja and Amalric's army of colorful mercs. Collects Conan the Cimmerian #14 and #16 to #21, written by Timothy Truman, art by Tomas Giorello and Joe Kubert, coloured by Jose Villarrubia.

Dark Horse, hardback, 184 pages, published October 2010


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