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Complete Green Lama Featuring the Art of Mac Raboy Hardcover

Mac Raboy
Mac Raboy
Chanting "Om Mani Padme Hum," the wealthy Jethro Dumont transformed into the Green Lama - a flying freedom fighter made famous in comics by artist Mac Raboy (Captain Marvel Jr., Flash Gordon). A unique 1940s Buddhist superhero, the Green Lama used special powers gained in a pilgrimage to Tibet to fight master criminals, monstrous dictators, and inequality across the globe.

He made his debut in April 1940 in the pulp fiction anthology Double Detective, but he is most well known in his comic book incarnation - especially the stories drawn by Raboy in the eight-issue Green Lama series. Dark Horse Archives presents the entire Green Lama run in two high-quality hardcovers, starting with these first four issues. In addition to Raboy's classic covers and stories, these issues contain entertaining and adventurous bonus stories following the adventures of Lieutenant Hercules, Rick Masters, Angus McErc, and others.

Dark Horse, hardback, 208 pages, published April 2008


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