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Paolo Parisi
Paolo Parisi

A graphic biography of one of the most celebrated, enduring and enigmatic figures in America’s musical history: John Coltrane. This insightful and innovative biography is structured to echo Coltrane’s seminal album A Love Supreme. Coltrane rose from a hard and impoverished childhood in North Carolina to become one of the greatest jazz musicians of the age.

From session musician to band member of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis, his raw talent and passion for experimentation inaugurated a new movement in jazz. Positioned at the beating heart of the 50s and 60s jazz movement, Coltrane and his quartet created some of the most innovative and expressive music of the age, including the hit album My Favorite Things and the landmark work A Love Supreme.

Juxtaposing scenes from Coltrane’s personal life, his military career, addictions, political activism and love affairs against snapshots of his major recordings, Coltrane evokes an extraordinary life and the momentous historical events that formed its backdrop. It is a graphic novel that echoes his work in its structure and style, and forms a testament to a pioneer and legend, whose music continues to inspire to this day.

Jonathan Cape, paperback, 128 pages, published January 2012 


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