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Cloak & Dagger : Crime & Punishment Premiere Hardcover Cvr A

Bill Mantlo

Created by the underworld — sworn to destroy it! Cloak and Dagger hit the streets to fight organized crime and super villainy! When they set their sights on the Kingpin, Spider-Man thinks they’re going too far, but his webs can’t rein them in! Plus: The Punisher’s on the prowl, and it’s a problem for everybody! Guest-starring the Black Cat, the New Mutants and the Spidey supporting players of yesteryear!

Collecting Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1972) #64, #69-70, #81-82 and #94-96; Marvel Team-Up Annual #6; and Marvel Fanfare (1982) #19, written by Bill Mantlo & Al Milgrom, pencilled by Ed Hannigan, Al Milgrom, Ron Frenz, Tony Salmons, Rick Leonardi & Kerry Gammill, with alternate covers by Al Milgrom & Ed Hannigan.

Marvel, hardback, 264 pages, published June 2012


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