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City Of Silence

Warren Ellis
Gary Erksine

 The future is bad for you. In a place where everyone has the technology to create brand-new, weird sciences ten times a day, there are policemen who will hunt you down for having a bad idea. They are the Silencers. And the investigation of a dead kid with a silicon pentagram on his neck opens up a whole box of bad ideas upon a city that only survives through silence...Issues #1-3 of the mini-series are collected into this trade paperback.

Originally created and produced in the mid-Nineties and prefiguring his Transmetropolitan in its approach and themes, City of Silence is among Warren Ellis' first work for American publishers with artwork by Gary Erksine. Never before collected into one volume, this tech-noir masterpiece has waited patiently for the times to catch up with it. Now, it's finally run out of patience.

Image, paperback,104 pages.


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