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Chunchu: the Genocide Fiend Volume 2

Kim Sung-Jae
Kim Byung-Jin

Life is hard for Chunchu. First his twin brother betrays him within hours of leaving the womb. Then his parents disown him and send him off to live with a warrior tribe and almost certain subsequent death. Growing up an outcast, even members of his tribe and fellow warriors hate him and blame him for any and every death of a loved one.

All of this because he’s supposedly “the son of a demon.” Sheesh. Kid can’t get a break nowadays. Or then-adays. Whenever “then” is in the frantic and cool fantasy world of Chunchu: the Genocide Fiend. Presented in the original left-to-right manhwa format, with FX intact and overlaid, this book was awarded “Manhwa of the Year” in Korea in 2003.

Dark Horse, paperback, 184 pages, published October 2007


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