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Chumble Spuzz Volume 1 : Kill the Devil

Ethan Nicolle
Ethan Nicolle

Chumble Spuzz: Kill the Devil, SLG's newest graphic novel, tells an age-old story of two friends, one naïve and a bit dim, the other smart and practical, and their Satan-possessed pig. Klem's innocent hope of having a porcine pal to love and cherish are dashed, leaving him and Gunther no choice: they must travel to Hell to kill the devil. Maybe then their mouth-foaming, bile-spewing, fire-breathing pig will finally be a proper pet
The 128-page graphic novel was originally released as a three-issue series at SLG's digital comics site; the print collection includes extras including an introduction by Dough TenNapel and pin-ups. Chumble Spuzz is written and drawn by Ethan Nicolle, whose previous work includes the graphic novel The Weevil, published by Bad Karma Productions.

Nicolle recalled his first attempts to have a comic book published in his own introduction to the first issue of the series. At the age of 15, he received a rejection letter from SLG Publishing's Dan Vado, advising him to work on his drawing skills. "I read SLG comics all through high school," Nicolle writes. "I always wanted to do an SLG book." Eleven years after that first rejection, he got his chance when he scraped together the last of his money to make a copy of his latest work and drop it off at the SLG book at this year's Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle. This time his artwork and storytelling impressed Vado, and as Nicolle notes, the man who had sent him his first rejection letter now sent him his first contract.

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics, paperback, 120 pages, published January 2008


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