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Chronicles of Kull Volume 5 : Dead Men of the Deep & Others

Alan Zelenetz
John Buscema

Kull slew a bloody-handed king to free Valusia from his tyranny, but that act turned out to be the easiest of Kull's reign. King slaying is something of a sport for the upper crust of the jealous Valusian nobility, who have designs of their own for Kull. His sovereignty is threatened from without as well; evil mages, eldritch spirits, plague, and serpent-men would see Kull to an early grave.


This volume reprints Kull the Conqueror Volume 3 #3 through #10 with their original colours digitally restored, written by Alan Zelenetz, with pencils by John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz, Charles Vess and John Bolton inks by John Beatty, inks and colours from Klaus Janson, Marie Severin and others.


Dark Horse, paperback, 256 pages, published February 2012


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