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Chronicles Of Kull Volume 2 : Hell Beneath Atlantis & Others

Roy Thomas
Ed Hannigan

Dark Horse Comics presents the exciting second volume of The Chronicles of Kull, which completes the Kull the Conqueror run with #10, written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Marie Severin, and launches Kull the Destroyer, featuring the creative talents of such esteemed creators as Roy Thomas, Mike Ploog, Alfredo Alcala, and Ed Hannigan! This action-packed tome details Kull's surprising exile from Valusia and his return to Atlantis, where he faces the deadly kraken, winged demons, and the god of flame and frost! In these uncertain times for the former King of Valusia, Kull finds allies among enemies and fiends whom he would once have called friends!

The Chronicles of Kull Volume 2: The Hell Beneath Atlantis and Other Stories reprints Kull the Conqueror #10 and Kull the Destroyer issues #11 through #20 in their stunning original colours, digitally cleaned and remastered! Written by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart and Doug Moench, with art by Marie Severin, Michael Ploo, Ed Hannigan and Alfredo Alcala.

Dark Horse, paperback, 108 pages, published March 2010


Also in this series: Chronicles of Kull Volume 1 : a King Comes Riding & Others


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