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The Chinese Classic Painting Album

An album not only represents a traditional binding approach in ancient China, but also refers to a special format of ancient Chinese paintings. It was a common practice for ancient Chinese painters to bind small-size paintings into albums, which were easy to shelve and carry outside the home. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, calligraphy and painting albums evolved into a spiritual pursuit for the literati – well-educated officials who occupied a high position in society. These social elites took pleasure in the visual delight of leafing through an album, image by image.
This collection has selected four albums by Ming and Qing painters, namely, The Ten Ten-thousand Paintings by Ren Xiong, The Figures and Stories by Qiu Ying, The Landscape, Birds & Flowers by Yun Shouping and The Various Paintings by Chen Hongshou, all of which are now displayed in the Palace Museum of Beijing. Some of them depict the picturesque scenery of the royal palace; others portray historic events, fables, traditional stories, or delineate the grandeur of mountains and lakes. The albums’ bright colours perfectly express the essence of flowers or the perfect line and form of birds. Every painting is analysed in a clear-cut way in the hope that readers can experience the unique and subtle charms of traditional Chinese paintings gathered in these traditional albums.
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