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Chiggers Hardcover

Hope Larson
Hope Larson

It's summertime, and 13-year-old Abby is at camp. It promises to be a great time - she's planning to spend a lot of time with her friend Rose, who is now a cabin assistant, and she'll be bunking with Beth, a girl she met the summer before. But Rose turns out to be too busy with her new cabin assistant duties to spend any time hanging out with Abby. And Beth seems to have developed a persona that's almost too cool for Abby to get.

Then Shasta arrives on the scene. She's pretty, she's fun, and she enjoys exactly the same books and games Abby does. Unfortunately she also rubs Beth and Zoe, Abby's other cabin-mate, the wrong way. What happens next will be familiar to any girl who's ever been torn between friendships. This is a classic summer camp story of the friendships and betrayals among girls that epitomizes what it's like to be female, nerdy, and adolescent in America.

Simon & Schuster, hardback, 176 pages, published June 2008


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