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Chiaroscuro: the Private Lives of Leonardo Da Vinci

Pat McGreal
Chas Truog

The passions of one of history's greatest artists, scientists, inventors and thinkers are captured in this volume collecting the dark and provocative 10-issue Vertigo maxiseries. Framed around the story of Salai, a young man whose beauty entrances the great maestro, Chiaroscuro follows the struggles and triumphs of Da Vinci's illustrious career, from his early work in Florence and Milan to the painting of the Mona Lisa and his epochal rivalry with Michelangelo.

Explore a legend which has endured for centuries and crack the only Da Vinci Code worth a damn! Written by Pat McGreal and David Rawson, with art by Chas Truog and& Rafael Kayanan, plus a cover by Stephen John Phillips & Richard Bruning.

DC, paperback, 264 pages, published October 2005 MATURE READERS


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