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Cheech Wizard's Big Book Of Me

Vaughn Bodé
Vaughn Bodé
Once upon a time, at two-thirty in the afternoon, on the enchanted island of York, lived a Wizard…A mild mannered, lovable Wizard who wore a big hat to mask his true identity…But just who is under that big hat, just who is…Cheech Wizard? Vaughn Bodé created Cheech in 1956 at the age of 15 and the character remained a constant companion for the rest of Bodé's life, surfacing in his college paper, underground comix, the National Lampoon, and ultimately beyond into the cosmically collective world of graffiti and Hip Hop. 
Irascible and sarcastic as he is iconic, Cheech Wizard is a lascivious con-man who nevertheless possesses, despite his transgressions (or because of them?), some degree of cosmic insight. He's died and been reborn. You may recognize his likeness from your friend's tattoo or your friendly neighborhood tagger's work. He is Vaughn Bodé, the cartoon gooroo…or is he? The Big Book of Me brings this elemental, pop-essential corpus of transcendent art to the masses collecting all of the Cheech Wizard comics in a single volume.
"I'm like Vaughn Bodé, I'm a Cheech Wizard…Never quittin'…So won't you listen." – The Beastie Boys
"Graffiti artists love Bodé. That's the simple truth. For three decades the graff culture has had an on-going love affair with Cheech Wizard, the lizards, the infamous Bodé broads and all the other inhabitants of the fantastic cartoon world created by Vaughn Bodé." – Zephyr
"Vaughn Bodé was one of the lights of America…He really was a star." – Moebius
Fantagraphics, paperback, 96 pages, published October 2015 




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Cheech Wizard

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